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  • GPS Anti Spoof Pro
  • 2018-10-15
  • Hacks & Cheats


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About GPS Anti Spoof Pro

Contains all navigational stars and planets. Long-term off-network operation.

Sextant required! The most reliable method to detect GPS Spoofing and other anomalies of electronic navigation is by comparing versus the measured altitudes of celestial bodies including the Sun, Moon, bright planets and stars. This application calculates the exact altitude that should be observed with a sextant assuming that the GPS position is correct. No paperwork is required, no tables of corrections. All corrections are included automatically: index error, system time error, dip of the horizon, refraction, temperature and pressure corrections to refraction, altitude above sea level, parallax, and also gravitational deflection of the vertical (a correction of up Two nautical miles not handled by any other celestial navigation sight-clearing product) are all included automatically. It's also a awesome sextant trainer: take a sight and immediately compare versus the app's display. The application works off-network. If a network connection is available, it can download temperature and pressure info automatically. The ephemeris data is generated from the same JPL numerical integrations of lunar and planetary motions used by the official Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Almanac. All coordinates are accurate to 1 second of arc, and displayed sextant altitudes are accurate to better than a 10th of a minute of arc (the limiting precision of the best marine sextants).

New Features: Better "stay awake" capability. After pressing Pause or Settings, app will stay awake for three to four minutes, long enough to take and check any sight. Also, app provides better information on GPS position "staleness".

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Latest update: 2018-10-15 Downloads: 10- Type: reviews, guides, tips
Size: no data Title: GPS Anti Spoof Pro cheats from players Device: Android
Author: Clockwork Mapping File Name: com.clockwk.GPSAntiSpoofPro Category: Maps & Navigation
Added Version: 1.0.12 Content Rating: Everyone Game type: Apk


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